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Replacing the Brompton brake caliper bolts to titanium

by Petrelli

Ever fancy some titanium colorful replacement bolts and nuts set for Brompton brake caliper sets?

While I was working on a metallic purple coating project on Brompton, the customer was requesting a set of purple titanium bolts to be replaced on his existing set of brake calipers.

Here are some of the steps:

There are a few tools that are needed to the procedures:

  • An 10mm spanner wrench;
  • An 13mm spanner wrench;
  • A 2mm  Allen key;
  • A 5mm Allen key; and
  • A long nose pliers.

Removing the brake shoes with the pads away from the brake caliper.

There are usually some dirt stuck between the brake pads and the caliper

Removing the cable cord securing bolt with the 10mm spanner wrench

removing the lock bolt sitting at the back of the caliper with a 10mm spanner wrench

Using the 5mm Allen key to remove the bolt. Note that there is a nylon waster in between parts.

Removing the center main bolt with the 5mm Allen key as well. There are 2 brass washer within the parts and you will need them at the exact locations later on

There are 14 different parts on each of the Brompton brake caliper (including the washer and tube barrel that are not illustrating in the image)

Removing the lock nut on the brake shoe to release the brake pad

Job beautifully done

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