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Rear frame clip getting stuck

by Petrelli

A Brompton rider was complaining the rear frame clip wasn’t engaging with the rear frame or once it is engaged its hard to be unclipped.

The M6L Brompton was installed with the oddly found BikeFun generation 1 easy wheels extender. This generation 1 extender maybe had been in the market for a period of 2 months, before the second generation had taken up its place. This extender had the rubber roller wheels “glued” on and its un-removable. The concerns with this extender is that the glued on wheels don’t seems to like to stay on its place all of the time.  Its easily became unusable. I guess that’s why they were replaced with a newer model 2 months into its life spam. Its a total wrongly designed products.

After a brief inspection, it is easy to see the easy wheels extender were pressing on the side of the suspension block.  Through time, the suspension block along with its securing bolt would be forced to move out of its place. Hence, the suspension block won’t be at its working position and not clipping well.

How to fix it?

It was a rather easy fix. First, I moved the easy wheels extender away from the suspension block. Secondly, loosen the suspension block’s bolt and reposition the suspension block to its rightful position.

That was it, the rear clip is clipping again and the rollers are rolling as usual.

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