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Not so smooth steering

by Petrelli

There is no power steering with the Brompton. No, it doesn’t matter which headset you put onto your Brompton, you still don’t get power steering or faster steering. However, there are times when the turning of directions can became not smooth.

Two of the most often caused that I helped solving were, firstl the headset being over tighten during its installations. Secondly, the headset is rubbing onto some obstacles.

The headlight’s holder is in direct contact with the bottom of headset.

The above image is showing a Brompton which just had its headset replaced with a Tange Seiki. Owning to the sizing of the headset’s bearing cup, it is now in direct contact with the mount of the light.

Its relatively easy to solve this, by adding a washer or two to “push out” the mount away from the headset would simply get the job done.

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