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Dangerous riding – the rear hinge spindle’s bolt dropping off

by Petrelli

A Brompton rider : “Hay Pete, I was riding the other day and a lorry was passing by, I heard a lot of squeaking sound and was thinking the lorry really needed to fix its brakes. But then, the sound still persist after the lorry was gone. Then I knew something was happening to my Brompton!”

After a brief inspection, we found the rear hinge spindle’s bolt was dropping off. The bolt was only holding on to it position owning to the chainring was blocking the bolt from following off. In a way, it was really lucky for the rider.

What did we do to make it works?

To fix this, we had removed the crank before having a direct access to the rear hinge spindle’s bolt. The bolt was then taken out to inspect if it is still usable along with the spindle in the Brompton frame. The bolt was then put back with measurements being applied. The Brompton is off onto the road again!

The Brompton rear hinge spindle bolt is just about to drop off.

The chainring was stopping the hinge bolt from dropping off completely, but the surface color had been scratched off.

After removing the crank, the screw can clearly to seen popping off from the spindle.

Part of the coloring had be scratched off by the bolt.

A new ceramic BB had been put into place as well.

Fixed and done.

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