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Brompton modding #4137 – 6-speed hub on the Faxson rims

by Petrelli

A very well run in 6 speed Brompton which had been on the road for almost 10 years was landed at the workshop. Certain parts of the hub wasn’t working very well and were suggested a new pair of wheels fitting to the bike.

The rider needed all full 6 gears for his type of riding needs, so we suggested to build a wheelset built based upon the Sturmey Archer 6 speed hub, which is the de facto on the Brompton these days, along with the lightweight Taiwanese Faxson rims.

Going black color themed was one of the ideas in mind as well. We went onto coated the rear hub to black before we build it up with the black rims. We used a 28 holes rims at the rear to match with the spokes requirement on the hub, while we decided to use a trim down 20 spokes on the front wheel.

The end result was positive, the Brompton rider was riding home with the old set of wheelset mounted to the rear rack as well!

The older SRAM driven 6 speed hub on Brompton
The older SRAM driven 6-speed hub is retiring soon.
Faxons seal bearing front hub
The frony hub is built with the reduced 20 spokes to trim down the weight. A seal bearing hub was used to provide smoothness.
The Faxson rim is built on the Brompton 6-speed rear hub
The rear hub was colored to black before building onto the Faxson black rim. All color matching.
Done and ready to ride home.
Done and ready to ride home.

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