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Broken bearing cup at the pedal

A pedal was found being shaky during an inspections. I opened up the pedal to see whats exactly happening to it. Once it was opened, the loose ball bearings were going everywhere and the bearing holding cup had already been deformed. The pedals were subsequently changed to the MKS FD-7 …

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Cracking fork

No, this is not the first one and it won’t be the last one either. The cracked was caused by the over tightening of the stem securing bolt to the fork. It happens to a lot of people, so take care when tightening such bolt.

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Color coating project #45 – high gloss raw lacquer

No project is straight forward, this Brompton raw lacquer didn’t come as one either. The rider came to me saying there were some rust on the bike and would like to have them removed while keeping the raw lacquer dark green tone. The traditional high power sandblasting method on removing …

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