Home Brompton A complete Relive app guide 2020 (cycling activities tracking)

A complete Relive app guide 2020 (cycling activities tracking)

by Petrelli

Relive is a cycling/activities tracking app with a Google Earth-style 3D ride presentation on the riding route with photos/movies presenting at the designated spots.

It may not be the best performance data-driven tracking activities app around, but for a casual cycling experience on the Brompton to have the ability to present your ride to your cycling mates in a 3D map style. It surely will have them impressed.

00:05 Intro

00:26 Download, sing-up and get started

01:30 Comparing the free-to-use plan to the paid premium plan

02:42 Road testing the Relive app with my Brompton

05:32 What will happen right after the ride with Relive?

06:03 How to add additional moment(s) to the ride?

06:43 What is it with the Relive club upgrade? Actual functions comparing

08:00 Actual video quality comparing

08:38 My verdict as a Brompton rider

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