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Brompton Modding #2348 – Ninas wooden fenders

2 Brompton raw lacquer came in today to have their fenders upgraded to the Ninas wooden fenders. I always thought these classic looking wooden fenders best suit with the raw lacquer. These fenders work perfectly well on both of the rack (R-type) and non-rack (L-type) version of the Brompton.

The classic looking steel toe Ninas wooden fenders.
The little supporting wheel is fully supported as well with the Ninas wooden fenders.
How about a nice pair of nice gold color easy wheels to go with the wooden fenders?
Supporting the both L and R version of the Bromtpon.

About Petrelli

Known as the titanium guy at Bike48. Always trying to tell people titanium is 45% lighter than steel. Proactively modding up his Brompton with the left over parts!

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